If you are new to Holmen or to the Cub Scout program, we offer you a glance to who we are and what we do.

Cub Scouts is part of the Boy Scouts of America (Scouts BSA), designed for boys and girls in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Our affiliated schools include Viking Elementary and Evergreen Elementary in Holmen, but any youth who meet the age requirement are welcome to join. Pack 91 is part of the Gateway Area Council.  We are chartered by the Holmen American Legion Post 284.

Pack 91 meets monthly September through May with added summer activities in June, July, and August.   If your Scout is involved in sports, no problem!!! Physical fitness one of the purposes of Scouting.  Plus at Pack 91, all siblings are welcomed to participate in the Pack Activities and Camps. Cub Scouting is for the entire family!


Our Guiding Principles

Pack 91 will Do Its Best to:

1.  Execute the mission of Scouts BSA.

2.  Create a culture in which all Scouts and families feel safe, welcome, connected, and valued.

3.  Make Cub Scouting fun for all Scouts in the Pack and their families.

4.  Make Cub Scouting accessible to ALL local youth and families.

5.  Facilitate the development of skills and personal growth for all Scouts in the pack.

6.  Provide Scouts and families opportunities to experience the benefits of year-round Scouting.

7.  Ensure that Scouts in the Pack have the opportunity to advance and cross over to Scouts BSA.

8.  Communicate timely and relevant information to families.

9.  Promote training and support for Adult Leaders.

10.  Foster a positive relationship with the Pack's Charter Organization.



For more information about Pack 91 or to learn how to join Cub Scouts, please contact us!  


Parents can register new Scouts online at www.beascout.org


Pack Meetings - Second Monday of every month (6:00 p.m.) at the Holmen American Legion

(unless otherwise noted)


 Parent Meetings - Fourth Monday of every month (7:00 p.m.) at the Holmen American Legion (all parents welcome to attend)


Each den also meets regularly throughout the year.  Contact a den leader for den meeting times and locations.


Calender of Events:

Parents and leaders can access the Calendar on Scoutbook to view the latest information about and RSVP to upcoming Pack and Council Events.



Current BSA Health and Medical Forms

Scouts attending any camp must complete Parts A & B and bring them with them to camp.  Once you have turned in a form to the Pack, it is good for the entire year (unless updates are needed).  However, you will need to fill out a separate form for each Council camp you attend (they do not have access to the Pack health forms and do not keep the forms on file from camp to camp).  NOTE: Camps 72 hours or longer require Part C (requiring a medical doctor's review and signature) to be completed. Click the link above to view and print the health forms.



Any questions? Please call Cubmaster Matthew Barbour at (608) 931-6965 or email us at holmencubscoutpack91@gmail.com.



Follow us on Facebook to get updates and see photos of the latest Pack 91 events!


Cub Scout Pack 91: Holmen, WI


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Holmen Cub Scout Pack
Holmen Cub Scout Pack
Welcome to Pack 91!
Welcome to Pack 91!
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